Sweet New Zealand by After Taste

Sweet New Zealand by After Taste

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – this year is going way too fast for my liking. It’ll soon be Christmas! Anyway, lets worry about that later…

Lets focus on the month that was. During July I hosted Sweet New Zealand. This is an event which was started by Alessandra Zecchini last year, and is open to all New Zealand food bloggers, living both here and overseas. I received a bunch of fantastic recipes during the month and here they are. Enjoy!

The first entry of the month is Gluten-free Chocolate Roulade from Frances at Bake Club. I’ve never made roulade before but I’m now dying to get in the kitchen and try this out. It looks delicious – a friend coming to stay is a great excuse to try something new! This roulade was adapted from a recipe from Good Housekeeping’s Easy to Make! Wheat Free – I love it already! Thanks Frances.

Love having a high tea? Next comes Sponge Kisses from Lucy at Lucyeats (love the blog name too). This blog is seriously filled with delectable little treats and this recipe is no exception. It comes from the book A Second Helping by Alexa Johnston, and as you can see from Lucy’s photographs, a sponge kiss goes very well with a cup of tea or a high tea at home – a great rainy weekend activity!

Sue of Couscous & Consciousness comes to us with two entries this month – thanks Sue! First up really is a wee bit of an alliteration – Chewy Cherry Chunky Chocolate Cookies. I’m always interested in trying a new cookie recipe and these look great. Chewy and chocolate-y and utterly addictive! What a great use of Whittaker’s chocolate too. Alternatively, you can use raisins, cranberries, dried apricots, or any kind of nuts. The combination of ingredients is limited only by your imagination. Amen.

On a healthier note, Sue has also made a delicious brightly-coloured Tropical Fruit Granola. I’m really into making my own muesli and this one looks fantastic. Serve with some stewed fruit and some greek yoghurt, and you’ve got yourself a great start to the day! Mmmmmm..

One new blog I have discovered this month is Easy Food Hacks! Carmella’s White Chocolate and Raspberry Friands look gorgeous! You can never ever ever go wrong with raspberries and white chocolate – what a great combination. I am now very tempted to go out and purchase a friand tin myself now. Too cute.

Alessandra from the blog Only Recipes brings us another delight to Sweet New Zealand. Her Pinoli Pine Nuts Cupcakes look beautiful and the colours in the photograph are just stunning. Thanks Alessandra, you’re adding to my limited Italian. Now I know, Pinoli means pinenuts. Also nice to know another cupcake fanatic, too.

Amarena Cherry Cupcakes by Alessandra of Alessandra Zecchini. I love the cherry in the middle of the cupcake! Another mouth-watering photo and fantastic entry. Thanks Alessandra.

Next up is Mairi’s Apple, Orange and Thyme Tart at Toast. I personally love anything fruity, and in a pie, tart or flan? Yummy. This tart is made using a homemade cream cheese pastry that uses only three ingredients – easy! It is perfect with a cuppa in the weekend or as dessert with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of the syrup. Thanks Mairi.

Next up is Kristina at Plum Kitchen with her entry of Mango, Lime & Toasted Coconut Ice-cream. I think Winter is the perfect time for ice-cream recipes. Even though it is already chilly outside, it is more of an excuse to have a hot dessert. And we all know ice-cream and dessert go hand in hand! Can’t wait to try this one, it sounds quite mouth-watering. Thanks Kristina.

Italian Sfinci with Orange Ricotta Cream by Allison at Pease Pudding. Wow, these look incredible and what a fantastic photo. I’m drooling over it as I’m writing this. Orange ricotta cream – can you get better than that? I don’t think so! Delicious! Sfinci are the Italians answer to doughnuts. Thanks Allison.

And last, but not least is me! My entry is a lovely Coffee Fudge Slice from my almost-a-year-old blog After Taste. This is a perfect combination that suits both a gooey caramel lover, and a coffee drinker – I think I just described myself actually! This recipe is just so heavenly and is the perfect winter afternoon tea treat, alongside a hot drink of course!

So, that brings me to the end of my Sweet New Zealand round-up for July. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it and have already discovered a couple of new recipes you might think about giving a go! I know I love Sweet New Zealand because every month, without fail, I get to discover a really cool new food blog – excellent.

A new, bright and shiny month is now upon us! Sweet New Zealand for August is being hosted by Kristina at Plum Kitchen. Get along to her blog at the end of the month and check out a whole new bunch of delicious sweet treats! I’m looking forward to it already, and once again discovering another new blog or two.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody 🙂


11 thoughts on “Sweet New Zealand by After Taste

  1. Thank you for hosting this month! I completely forgot to enter -oops! Oh I love seeing new blogs,I think that’s my favourite part about Sweet NZ…oh and staring at beautiful food photos too!

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