Sweet New Zealand: By After Taste

Jeepers! June tomorrow, what the? Uh, where did this month even go?! Where has the year gone. Just to remind me of this, I walked past a shop the other day and saw a sign saying “Christmas countdown: 210 days”..things I didn’t need and/or want to know. Admittedly, they were a children’s toy shop…

More importantly, during the month of May, After Taste hosted ‘Sweet New Zealand’. This event was originally started by Alessandra Zecchini in 2011 and really encourages kiwi food bloggers to share their secret recipes, discover new delights and of course, get to know other New Zealand food bloggers, living both here and overseas.

Here are the entries from May:

1. Dulce de leche cupcakes by Alessandra Zecchini

These look incredible Alessandra, and yet another great photograph from you! I have heard a lot about dulce de leche but I am yet to try it or use it in my baking. I will definitely be bookmarking this fabulous entry. Looks like I might also have to plan a trip to Uruguay, Chile, or Argentina. If you’d like to make your own dulce de leche, follow the instructions here.


2. Dolce Milanese by Greedybread

Michelle at Greedybread sent in this recipe for Dolce Milanese this month. I’m also quite partial to a good fruit bread, Michelle so you certainly hit the spot with this one. Fruity, rich, and buttery..a perfect accompaniment to a large cup of coffee on a cold Winter’s day. Beaut.

P1080531 (800x600)

3. Nutella muffins by Greedybread

Another excellent recipe from Michelle! What a great idea for a treat for Mother’s Day – if they last that long. They look like they would be wonderful straight from the oven. Nothing wrong with a bit of  choc overload every now and then!

P1080566 (800x600)

4. Torta Caprese by Italian Kiwi

Lisa (all the way from France) from the blog Italian Kiwi has sent in a recipe for a typical chocolate cake made in Southern Italy, which she was lucky enough to experience (and get the recipe for!) while on holiday in Puglia. The cake has a great brownie-like consistency, and uses a secret ingredient called Strega, which translates as “Witch” in English – excellent. For everyone else in New Zealand, Lisa suggests using Cognac to replace the Strega. Thanks for the great accompanying photograph, Lisa! 🙂

Torta caprese 4

5. Rose Water, Cranberry & Pistachio Truffles by My Little Chequered Kitchen

Monique has sent through a lovely recipe which, quite frankly, the title kind of makes me drool. This recipe has been adapted from Jo Seagar’s recipe in “It’s Easier Than You Think” book. I enjoy anything with the combination of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit. Looks like this recipe might be just perfect for Christmas. Thanks Monique!


6. Chocolate Banana Loaf by eat, etc …

Lesley from eat, etc.. has presented us with what looks like a beautiful, yummy dense, chocolate banana loaf! Short, sharp, and ALL the icing is the message I get from this blog post. Thanks Lesley – it looks very inviting!

P1070372 Choc-Bab Loaf

7. Manjar and Alfajores by Delissimon

Thanks to Monica from Delissimon for two fabulous recipes this month – Manjar (meaning delicacy) and Alfajores which are little shortbread biscuits sandwiched with dulce de leche. After another recipe that includes dulce de leche this month, I’m pretty much sold on this. And it seems that only way to do this properly is to make it from scratch. I now have a project and so fitting for the long weekend ahead. I must say, the photography on Delissimon deserves a special mention too – love it!

Alfajores Delissimon

8. Plum Oat Bars by Couscous & Consciousness

Sue from Couscous & Consciousness presents us with plum oat bars – this is an adapted recipe from the book Ottolenghi: The Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi. I was particularly sold by the tartness of the plum combined with the  sweetness of the caramel nut topping. Definitely going on my list of items to try next month. Thanks Sue.


9. Gooey Salted Caramel Slice by After Taste

Now, I haven’t had much time to get into the kitchen myself this month and get creative! So here is a delightful recipe I go back to time and time again – gooey salted caramel slice! I thought it was also quite fitting with our string of caramel-related entries this month too. Enjoy.


Thanks for all the fantastic and salivating recipes this month guys! I will leave you with a great big shout-out to the next host for June, Sue from http://couscous-consciousness.blogspot.co.nz! Enjoy, and have a great Queen’s Birthday Weekend.


12 thoughts on “Sweet New Zealand: By After Taste

  1. What an enticing collection of goodies this month – yum! And I don’t think anyone (even a toy shop) should be inflicting Christmas on us until at least half of the year has gone!

    1. I know, right. I think September is bad enough, let alone May/June. Lots of great treats indeed, and some new blogs I’ll have to have a wee look through this weekend 🙂

  2. Caramel was certainly a feature for May afterall! These are a great collection and I think I’m gonna try that chocolate banana bread, it would be delicious with some caramel too! Might be a baking weekend ahead for me…thanks Bridget for the round up!

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